Why T.A.S.A.?

🐠   Confidence-building curriculum
🐠   Child progress & achievement milestones
🐠   Build a strong immune system encourage gross motor skill development
🐠   Encourage gross motor skill development
🐠   Shiver-free, 90-degree pool


Discover Potential

Be part of the Academy.

Swimming offers more health and safety benefits than any other sport and at TASA® we offer swimming lessons to all ages, including adults and pensioners. It is imperative for everyone to be able to swim and to start as young as possible. At TASA® our aim is to make every child a swimmer by the time they are grade-school ready. Our swimming lessons are designed to ensure maximum safety and to have an ultimately enjoyable swimming experience. 30 minutes, once a week, consistently…is all it takes.

For more information, Look us up on the map and Visit us. We look forward to seeing you in the pool!
The Best Swimming School in Cape Town


  • Honestly the best swimming teachers I've encountered. Big thumbs up to T.A.S.A.

    Natasha Adams