Swim Lessons
November 19, 2018

Learn The Importance Of Water Safety

The Drown-proofing myth

At The Aquarian Swimming Academy® l we believe that there is no such thing as drown-proof; even when a child is able to swim, they still need to be supervised at all times. Accidents are very real and can happen at any time.

We teach water safety first, in all our classes, from todswim to adults. Swimming is a life skill which every child and adult should have, as well as the opportunity to learn to swim. SAFETY COMES FIRST.

Our team at The Aquarian Swimming Academy® believes that everyone should learn and understand the basics of water safety. So, we decided to do water safety presentations for children *everywhere to enjoy. We’re happy to give these presentations to children in day care centres, grade R’s, schools and other educational facilities at no cost. Check with your local The Aquarian Swimming Academy® today!

A Fun & Beneficial Experience for Any Family

As a parent, you are probably well aware that your child won’t truly know if they’ll enjoy something until they dive in and do it. Fortunately, most kids love the water. As for our adult swimmers, if you can drive, you can swim, if you can’t...you sure will be able to after learning to swim

This interactive experience is great for anyone as our lessons also focus on teaching:

🐠     The concept and the importance of water safety
🐠     How to avoid potential dangers in and around the water
🐠     Different ways to handle water crisis situations
🐠     Water safety techniques

We provide every member of our audience with materials and other important information in our efforts to prevent water-related accidents. They’ll also get to meet our mascot, Bubbles.

For more information, Look us up on the map and Visit us.
We look forward to seeing you in the pool!