Swim-collect Service

The Aquarian Swimming Academy® offers a swim-collect service to Bellville and immediate surroundings only. We collect children from their daycares, preschools, grade R’s or aftercares and transport them to swimming lessons, and return them back to their school.

We only take children aged 3years (who are potty trained) and older. This has been a huge success and offers working parents who cannot get their children to swimming lessons the opportunity to have their children taught swimming at no extra cost. Please contact us with regards to which schools we service or if you would like us to offer this service at your child’s school.

So, you’ve registered your child, FANTASTIC!!
But why is my child in tears?

Please be aware that separation anxiety in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by many new faces, can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. This is very real. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that they transition into having an amazing swimming experience.

🐠     Tell your child that you are walking them to the steps
🐠     Walk them to the steps and hand your child to the instructor
🐠     Do not become the instructor, allow the instructor to teach
🐠     Allow the instructor to bond with your child
🐠     Do not offer bribes or use swimming as punishment
🐠     Do not discontinue lessons, this causes more harm than you realise
🐠     When re-entering the pool area, applaud and praise our child
🐠     When drying your child encourage them with supporting, loving words
🐠     When leaving the pool area, reinforce the positives and remind them before each lesson, so they can do it again

How long will it take?

Every swimmer is an individual and will essentially learn at their own pace. No one should be forced to perfect or master a specific skill in a set or given time period. There are factors such as determination, previous experience, frequency of lessons, practice at home, personality, as well as the attitude of the accompanying parent or adult, which contribute to the rate of learning. However, our swimming instructors are results driven and will motivate, push and encourage as best as we can, to not only have results, but to boost confidence in each swimmer. Each swimmer has individual needs and our instructors are trained to meet them.