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November 19, 2018
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November 18, 2018

Swim Lessons

Where Learning Is Fun for Everyone

The Aquarian Swimming Academy® believes that all swimmers, young & old deserve to have an extraordinary swimming experience; in the safest, most fun environment possible. Our swimming lessons are specially designed to make learning fun through guided play for beginners aged 2years to 12years old. We are committed to teaching all ages, including mini squads, squads and adults swimming lessons that offer experienced guidance in swim techniques as well as important water safety.

Why does everyone love The Aquarian Swimming Academy® Lessons?

We have been making swimmers for 14 years & have a track record of making confident swimmers in no time. Swimming lessons are all year round, to ensure that you/ your child receives the most patience, supervision and guidance.

Our instructors are truly passionate about showing everyone how much fun it is to learn a life skill that is as vital and paramount as swimming. Our swimming lessons will motivate and encourage you / your child to rise through our levels, and TASA® is here to celebrate every milestone and achievement along the way.

Swimming benefits the whole family because:

🐠     You teach your child water safety and introduce them to the water
🐠     You can watch your swimmer show you their skills
🐠     Your child will become more confident in the water
🐠     You see your child progress and achieve milestones
🐠     You allow your child to stay fit, build a strong immune system and encourage gross motor skill development
🐠     You see your child develop socially in our small groups
🐠     You see how your child builds water safety skills, swimming techniques and have fun while learning
🐠     You see your child develop holistically

Register at The Aquarian Swimming Academy® and explore our fun, safe facilities and get a glimpse of the experience we create for all our students and their families.

Please note: For safety purposes, we require at least one adult to be in the water with each child who cannot swim independently.

For more information, Look us up on the map and Visit us.
We look forward to seeing you in the pool!



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